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about mind your fork

inspiring people to eat foods that create thriving individuals & communities

Cat Lyons was inspired to create MIND your FORK as a flexible, approachable resource for people who want to have a better sense of their own food philosophies and how to live by them. Choose your own metaphor. Whether you stand at a fork in the road, looking to see which way of eating will work best for you or are just curious to know about all ways before you choose, MIND your FORK might be able to help. Just as onions are a great foundation to any dish, they have many layers - so do our food philosophies as they are part of our value systems and how we live. What better way to start understanding those layers than with questions? What fork questions do you have? What are you curious about?


Services include a food philosophy program, advice for the aisle (whether you find yourself staring at cookbooks or veggies or...), meal plans, and workshops. 

MIND your FORK is based in Philadelphia, PA.

grow. prep. cook. eat. love. thrive.

Cat Lyons

Honestly, Cat has been doing this nearly all her life. As a four year old, instead of playing house, Cat played restaurant. MIND your FORK is a dream come true, where Cat is able to do what she loves best.  

Excited to connect her love of people with her passion for healthy food, Cat teaches people to cook and eat real food, and approach life in the kitchen with a rocking fun attitude full of colorful veggies and beyond. Her eyes light up when the conversation turns to the art of cooking or the science of food and the body.  Skip dwelling on your ailment, as she believes focusing on ingredients that give us energy and make us feel great is what builds health - and great conversations!  


Cat’s curiosity for the sciences led her to study biology at Penn State University and then go on to become an RN.  She has worked as a nurse in a hospital, a childbirth & parenting educator in a teen pregnancy clinic, and a K - 12  school nurse and 11th and 12 grade health teacher.  She has completed Meghan Telpner's Academy of Culinary Nutrition Expert Program and is currently enrolled in Rouxbe's Plant-Based Professional Certification Program.  


Cat lives outside Philadelphia, PA.    


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