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Farmers' market conversations

*photo courtesy of Taproot Farm

I love farmers' markets! Every time I go it's a delight for the senses. I walk through eyeing piles of veggies with little identity signs, crates full to the brim of colorful fruits, and farmers with big smiles who are busy restocking heaps of veggies. Market goers pepper the farmers with questions and everyone within ear shot learns a little bit more about different varieties of kale or squash or whatever happens to be in season that week.

For me, farmers' markets are about love and abundance and I'm excited to share that Mind your Fork now has a table at the Chestnut Hill Farmers' Market on Saturdays! I'm giving out free recipes and chatting everything food related! (Located at the bottom of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, PA, on Germantown Ave in front of the Mermaid Inn) Open 9am to 1pm.

I bring plant based recipes featuring seasonal produce, and cookbooks to peruse for inspiration, learning, and creativity.

I meet people, listen to their culinary and nutritional needs and witness how food fits into their lives. For some, food matters are a lovely relationship and for others a rocky one. Conversations vary greatly around food and lifestyle.

It's wonderful to promote real food as the road to health and vitality and it's awesome to talk to people looking for ideas – "What to do with beets?" "I could use a new squash recipe", "Why and how should I use hemp seeds?" I can talk recipes, cookbooks, and the science of food and nutrition all day long!

Some folks stop by the table (full of free recipes and nutrition cards) with a complete eating plan for their week while others come with a blank slate, not sure which recipe will pique their interest. Whether you cook all the time or don't care what a spatula is, I'd love to chat. Looking forward to Saturday!

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