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September 20, 2018

I'm super excited to be hosting a Plexus Pop-up conversation!  Plexus Institute is a network of change catalysts focusing on applying complexity science in relevant ways.  Pop-up conversations are free online video sessions - essentially it's a conversation about a topic hosted by someone in the network.  Individuals get together and look at the intricacies of a subject - the structure and web of that subject as well as how we interact with it.  Hello, complexity!  These are open to the public and generally 1 hour long.

Join us for my upcoming conversation!  Here are the details: 


An open conversation on the complexity of our relationship to food.

September 24, 2018

from 12 - 1pm (timezone: EST)


Join on Zoom: https://zoom.us/j/338967237 

If you are unable to join this call, a recording of it will be posted on the Plexus YouTube channel

Visit Plexus' website to see this event there.

Every individual’s relationship with food...

September 20, 2018

Soon to be facilitating workshops in the Philadelphia area from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition!  Look out for details and dates coming soon!  

September 15, 2018

*photo courtesy of Taproot Farm

I love farmers' markets!  Every time I go it's a delight for the senses. I walk through eyeing piles of veggies with little identity signs, crates full to the brim of colorful fruits, and farmers with big smiles who are busy restocking heaps of veggies.  Market goers pepper the farmers with questions and everyone within ear shot learns a little bit more about different varieties of kale or squash or whatever happens to be in season that week. 

For me, farmers' markets are about love and abundance and I'm excited to share that Mind your Fork now has a table at the Chestnut Hill Farmers' Market on Saturdays!  I'm giving out free recipes and chatting everything food related!  (Located at the bottom of Chestnut Hill in Philadelphia, PA, on Germantown Ave in front of the Mermaid Inn)   Open 9am to 1pm.

I bring plant based recipes featuring seasonal produce, and cookbooks to peruse for inspiration, learning, and creati...

December 4, 2016

'Why not start with onions? Onions are a great foundation to so many meals.' This is how my conversation with my daughter starts as she takes on creating watercolors of the many types of vegetables.

They may make you cry when you chop them. Who doesn't need a good cry? When they sweat in the pan they add incredible savory flavor not to mention health benefits! There are so many kinds of onions!  some types of onions one can start with: 

scallions + leeks + shallots + vidalia + spanish + red + yellow + cipollini +...

Good luck with your onions, have fun chopping them! I suppose if you aren't into them, it doesn't have to be onions. If you don't want to start with onions you can start with something else. Try the brassicas or greens straight in oil or water! 

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I'm Cat Lyons, culinary nutrition coach, cookbook and recipe curator at MIND your FORK. I love talking & writing about food!

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September 20, 2018

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